Complete the following form to reserve accommodation.

To reserve accommodation:

  • Or if you prefer you can fill out this form if you are interested in private.

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The following documentation is required when making your application:

  • Registration certificate stating that you are studying at the University of Lleida.
  • In case of UdL worker will need to attach a copy of the contract and the last paycheck.
  • For students from abroad, an official document stating that you belong to a University of Lleida mobility programme issued by the Vicerectorat de Relacions Internacionals i Cooperació (Vice-rectorate of International Relations and Cooperation).
  • Application form (available in Catalan, Spanish and English) Download it, which must be fuly completed.
  • Copy of your DNI (National ID Card), passport or any ID.
  • Statement of your current bank account (Spanish account).
  • Period of rental required.
  • Bank receipt for the deposit of 300 euros (should you be assigned a flat, this amount will count towards payment of two months rent). Details for making the deposit:

Payment to: Factor Habast, SL

Titular: Factor Habast S.L.
Entitat: BBVA S.A.
CC: 0182 8327 01 0200080097
IBAN: ES90 0182 8327 01 0200080097

La sol·licitud es podrà  tramitar per:


The criteria for assignment are based mainly on strictly order of inscription requests for rental on annual contracts. For lower periods, except for international programs, will see the availability.

The deposit will be returned if for any of the following reasons your application cannot be accepted:

  • does not fulfill the conditions required
  • the type of accommodation required cannot be provided
  • the interested party has not been admitted by the University and provides proof of such
  • accommodation unavailable

The deposit will not be refunded if the interested part withdraws for any reason that cannot be justified by the University of Lleida.


The rental contracts are for one year, renewable in accordance with all parties up to five years.

In special circumstances, contracts can be made for shorter periods (Erasmus courses, special study programmes). See rates available through price’s page

Successful applicants pay the remaining amount for the remainder of the deposit 15 days before the occupation of the dwelling. This payment can be made at the offices of La Vila de Lleida or bank transfer.
The outstanding amount will be indicated by personnel VDL.


Notice of one month must be given for any withdrawal from the agreement of assigned accommodation.

Such withdrawal without justifiable cause means loss of the deposit, save if such cause be of an academic nature; should this be the case, an official document stating the reason for withdrawal must be provided.


La Vila de Lleida will draw up a waiting list of all those interested parties who have made their application but have not initially been assigned acommodation. Should accommodation or a place become available, La Vila de Lleida will inform such parties in due course.

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La Vila de Lleida University Housing Internal Regulations



Article.-1.- The purpose of these Internal Regulations is to provide for the internal policing, hygene and security of the university housing complex, as well as the maintenance of the building and the well-being of its tenants in zones of both private and common use, and generally in terms of the overall cohabitation of the occupants and the normal operation of community services.

Article 2.- These Regulations are legally binding for all the tenants, who as occupiers of any of the apartments in the building agree to abide by the terms of the said regulations without reserve or restriction. In accordance with the conditions of these Regulations, the tenants shall be responsible for the actions and behaviour of all those persons unconnected with the building and grounds who may enter the same, either by action or omission of the tenants themselves.

Article 3.- These Internal Regulations may at any time and with prior approval from the University of Lleida be subject to extension or amendment. Such complementary dispositions or modifications will be conveyed individually and in writing to each of the tenants, who shall undertake to fulfil them without reserve or restriction as from the date of receipt of their notification.

SECTION.-2 –Description of apartaments and services.

Article 4.- La Vila de Lleida consists of 150 fully equipped and furnished apartments, of which there are three types: individual; with two rooms, and with one double room. 10 of these apartments are especially adapted for persons with disability.

Article 5.- Both apartments and furniture are covered by a multi-risk insuance policy underwritten by the proprietor. The tenant may underwrite those complementary insurance policies that he/she may consider necessary to cover the contents of the apartment under rental.

Article 6.- La Vila de Lleida provides the following common spaces and services: reception hall, study rooms, multi-purpose hall, reading room, leisure hall with vending machines, laundry service, post boxes, community bicycle and car park within the grounds. The apartments are cleaned once a week and the common spaces on a regular basis.

Article 7.- Each apartment is equipped with one or two telephone connections, according to the type of apartment. Tenants are able to make or receive calls directly via these connections. An account must be opened by the tenant and cleared by the telephone company of choice before the line can become operative.

Article 8.- Payment of utility bills shall be the responsibility of the tenants of the apartments, who will be charged therewith on a monthly basis. Should the apartment be shared by more than one tenant, payment of utility bills will be charged equally among them. In case of non-payment, each tenant shall be liable for the total outstanding bill for his/her apartment in accordance with the terms and conditions as laid down in the tenancy agreement, regardless of the individual liabilities of the signatory of the said agrement.

SECTION 3 .- Use of private areas and spaces.

Article 9.- Tenants are entitled to make responsible use of the private areas of their respective apartments, providing they respect the established rules of conduct and do not infringe the rights of other tenants or third persons, as well as refraining from doing or allowing others to do anything that may be in detriment to the building as a whole.

Article 10.- Should a tenant be absent from la Vila de Lleida, he/she authorizes the proprietor to enter the apartment in cases of emergency or for reasons of force majeure.

Article 11.- Tenants are not allowed:

– To invite persons whose behaviour may jeopardise the security, hygiene and peaceful order of the other occupiers of la Vila de Lleida.

– To sublet or otherwise provide accommodation for others. Overnight stays are not allowed. Invited persons are forbidden from occupying places contracted by other tenants without the express written authorization of the tenant in question, or likewise reserved places pending occupation without the express written authorization of the Vila de Lleida Administration.

– To hang washing on the exterior of the building.

– Given that there is already a TV antenna on the roof of the building, it is forbidden to install any other individual antenna on the exterior.

– To affix any kind of poster, sign, advertisement or banner on the façade of the building.

– To store or place any fixed element of furniture in the apartment, except personal objects belonging to the tenant such as clothing, computer and photographic equipment, television sets, music and video equipment, to a maximum of one such piece of equipment per tenant.

– To hang or attach any type of object to the walls, windows, doors, ceilings or floors of the apartment that may damage or spoil the said apartment.

– To bring or keep animals in the apartment, with the exception of guide dogs.

– To use appliances, machines or tools that may cause noise, vibrations, leaks or emissions, or to carry out activities that may disturb the peace and order of other tenants or neighbours in general.

– To block or impede, albeit momentarily, the shared common spaces and areas, nor install therein personal objects or make use of the same for personal purposes that are not those for which they are normally designed, albeit in cases of necessity. The entrances, exits, stairways and other spaces of common transit are to be kept free at all times.

Article 12.- No activity that may jeopardise the stability and solidity of la Vila de Lleida is allowed.

Article 13.- The introduction or storage of any type of hazardous or insanitary material that may be volatile, inflammable or cause bad smells, or otherwise in general constitute a danger to the health, hygiene and safety of the building or its occupants.

SECTION 4.- The use and function of common spaces and services.

Article 14.- The common spaces are for the exclusive use of the tenants. Access to these spaces by persons unconnected with la Vila de Lleida shall in every case require prior express authorization from the proprietor. Any tenant obtaining authorization for persons unconnected with the building to enter the same shall be to all intents and purposes responsible for such persons.

Article 15.- It is expressly forbidden to use the common spaces for activities for which they are not designed.

SECTION 5.- Cohabitation and civil conduct

Article 16.- It is especially important to maintain silence during night hours in order to ensure that the right of tenants not to be disturbed is respected by all. To this end, and except for exceptional and duly authorized motives, no activity that may give rise to unacceptable levels of noise between midnight and 8.00am, whether within the grounds of the complex or within the apartments.

Article 17.- In order to ensure a framework of cohabitation based on respect for all, to make proper use of the Vila de Lleida facilities and services, to provide a climate conducive for work and study and to create an optimum environment for quality of life, it is necessary to adhere to the following points:

  • Tenants should use the refuse containers situated close to la Vila de Lleida. Under no circumstances should refuse bags or waste be left outside.
  • The selective recycling containers for paper and glass should also be used.
  • It is forbidden to go onto the roof of the buildings.
  • It is forbidden to attach any device or appliance to the façades of the buildings (washing lines, clothes horses, etc).
  • Tenants should make proper use of the Vila de Lleida common facilities, maintaining the surroundings and community spaces clean and tidy as well as respecting green areas and the urban furniture therein.
  • Apartments and the furniture and equipment they contain should be kept clean and in good condition.
  • The Vila de Lleida administrator is responsible for the maintenance of the general facilities as well as the common and structural features of the building. Tenants are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their own apartments (such as replacement of lightbulbs, regular defrosting of fridges, sink blockages, etc). Should tenants be in any doubt about problems of maintenance and repair that may arise, they should contact la Vila de Lleida administration.
  • It is expressly forbidden to throw any type of object or substance out of the windows or from the balconies of the apartments.

Article 18.- In the interests of good civil conduct and cohabitation, the following norms should be observed:

  • To refrain from any action or behaviour that may constitute a violation of the honour, privacy or dignity of other persons.
  • To refrain from any action or behaviour that may humiliate or offend any tenant, visitor, worker or member of la Vila de Lleida, or likewise from any conduct either actively or by omission that may insult or discriminate against any person for reasons of ideology, religion, sex, race, opinion or any other circumstance either personal or social.
  • To prevent any type of damage or theft, whether to property either personal or communal.
  • To refrain from any action or behaviour that may undermine safety, security and the basic norms of cohabitation.
  • To provide the greatest co-operation and assistance, should they be required, in any type of emergency, and to follow the instructions of the personnel in charge (police, firefighters, Vila de Lleida personnel, volunteers, etc).
  • Tenants should at all times observe the current regulations regarding hygene, health, public order and law enforcement, and in general all conduct and practices conducive to peaceful cohabitation in an orderly household. Tenants shall be held personally responsible for any harm or damage arising from their acts or omissions, and from the use or abuse of the proper purpose of common spaces as well as the acts and omissions of those persons unconnected with the building who have access to the same through the direct or indirect intervention or under the responsibility of the said tenants.

Article 19.- Tenants shall be held responsible for the harmful or injurious consequences of their acts and omissions, as well as for those arising from the acts or omissions of those persons accompanying them.

Article 20.- Niether the proprietor nor the UdL shall be held responsible for the harm or damage arising from infringment of the current regulations, the terms of the tenancy agreement or the conditions of these Internal Regulations.

SECTION 6.- Sanctions.

Article 21.- On signing the tenancy agreement, tenants agree to abide by these Internal Regulations; therefore any infringement of the same shall be regarded as a failure to comply with the conditions of the said contract and thus be subject to the penalties and sanctions as laid down in the Civil Code, thereby resulting in rescission of the said contract for failure to observe its terms.

These Internal Regulations, duly approved by the University of Lleida, come into effect as applied to the contracting parties from the date when possesion is taken of the apartment subject to rental in accordance with the tenancy agreement to which it refers.

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